The Magic Hour

The Theatre Centre, Toronto


“Enchantment of a curious sort is almost guaranteed…the intriguing Toronto performance artist uses the themes and devices of abracadabra and ritual to explore the transformative power of art on trauma.” Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

The Magic Hour, created and performed by Jess Dobkin, is nothing less than pure delight from beginning to end…each moment is engaging, and beautiful… Dobkin creates a space in which we can marvel at things without needing to explain them, creating a world in which we are allowed to simply experience that wonder and delight.” Lisa McKeown, My Entertainment World

The Magic Hour is a solo performance that uses magic to explore trauma and transformation, asking us to consider who we are beyond the stories we tell about our lives. The work presses the boundaries of what is deemed public and private, hidden and revealed, to make visible what is not seen. Developed in Residency and Co-Produced by The Theatre Centre.


Photos by David Hawe and Dahlia Katz