Our Future, Our Fate, Our Fortune – October 26-29

Akimbo has invited me to create a new performance at Art Toronto 2017. Come find me in the Akimbo booth, Publications Section, Metro Convention Centre, North Building, Exhibit Hall A & B, 255 Front Street West. It is  time for magic, mysteries and miracles. It is time to connect to higher realms. There is nothing to buy or sell in this performance art oasis. Our currency is energy, our deals are celestial, our contracts are sacred. Fate, fortune and future are our collective concerns. It is time to shift our forecasting from “what will happen to me?” to “what will come of us?” Behold the past, glimpse into the future, be here now. All welcome.

Performance times:

October 26: 7-10pm
October 27: 4-7pm
October 28: 2-5pm
October 29: 2-5pm